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Preschool: Classes


Fall of 2014 will mark the 26th year of service for Lakeshore Preschool and Mother’s Morning Out.  The MMO program began in 1989 as a ministry to stay-at-home moms. We saw a growing community of new families without extended family close enough to assist with childcare. Our desire was to provide mothers with a much-needed break, and their children with excellent care in a creative environment.

Our Philosophy and Goals

The years of early childhood have been described as strategic years. Personalities and habits are formed, values established, self images are realized, social skills are developed, and tremendous learning takes place.  A child's future success in school, as well as his or her intelligence, can be greatly enhanced by wide and varied experiences before formal learning begins.

It is our goal at Lakeshore to expose the young child to a wealth of experiences through careful planning, flexible programming, active play and experimentation.
We also believe that children need the companionship of others their own ages, short times away from parents to teach independence, and a creative environment that encourages developmental skills in all areas of life.

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